an indecent proposal?

Contrary to what you might think, the following question isn’t a delayed april fools joke but instead my very own sunday morning i’ll-need-to-find-a-solution- to-that-car-problem- issue-in-Nairobi brainstorming attempt to figure out how I’ll get decent transport for myself in terms of having the convenience of driving my own car.

My own car? My car is a 1989 VW Golf II I’ve mentioned earlier here and here, and I tell you: BEFORE I sell this beloved gari to any strange Belarussian car dealer for something like EUR 100,- who then sells it to a fat man sitting on his car empire within a free port somewhere in Ghana, West Africa I am way much better off taking my car to Kenya and driving it there till it falls (even more) apart.

Having said that, what about the route?


Would it be possible to drive a car from here to Nairobi? I know it has been done before, so why shouldn’t I do the same? Not necessarily with my current car, maybe an older Mercedes with A/C etc that sells for something like EUR 500,- ….Mzeecedric, any idea? Ati, I know you’re laughing on this, but hey, it’s an adventurous idea, ama?
(Mbuzimoja, we’ll do this in August, yes? Just say yes, eh? :-)

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