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Curiou­si­ty had kept me busy, won­de­ring wha­t’s in that Tower at Par­lia­ment Buil­dings in Nai­ro­bi, Kenya.

Pos­si­ble ans­wers to this serious ques­ti­on — which could have been an issue with Hon. Watch­man — inclu­ded “toi­lets, a secret golf ran­ge, city clerks ped­da­ling on a bicy­cle that gene­ra­tes power for the instal­led clock, a Star Gate ent­ry whe­re the out­side is all nar­row but you have a who­le real sized city insi­de” as well as the assump­ti­on that it only con­tai­nes offices stuf­fed with paper. You know, all tho­se files that had gone mis­sing over at Nyayo House even­tual­ly had to be pla­ced some­whe­re, kwa­sa­ba­bu: the Ken­y­an bureau­cra­zy might depend on some­thing also known as “Bubu­diu”, howe­ver, not­hing is real­ly lost. I am sure they still have tho­se files labe­led T.Mboya, J.M.Kariuki, J.Ward, J.Kaiser some­whe­re deep down in that pile of papers, as well as the names of thousand others that have .…well, bubu­diued their way into con­tem­pora­ry Ken­y­an history.

Ory’s pos­ting on “unvei­ling the mys­te­ries of the Ken­y­an Par­lia­ment” today poin­ted me to the (old) web­site of the Ken­y­an Par­lia­ment — wapi we’ll find an unspec­ta­cu­lar ans­wer to the Tower Mystery:

The Tower
The Tower, from which an excel­lent pan­or­amic view of Nai­ro­bi used to be seen, con­tains offices, archi­ves, water tank and clock. The height of the top of Lan­tern frame is one hund­red and fif­ty feet from the ground, while the view-point is one hund­red and twen­ty-four feet. (source)

Majum­ba makub­wa husi­ti­ri mambo.

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