an apple a day…

Top Quality Fruit from China (yeah, right…)

…keeps the Chinese away? WRONG!

While searching for my supper in a local supermarket here in GERMANY I came across these crates full of (old) apples from CHINA.


How ironic and insane is the world going to become with things like that? Buying imported apples from China is like telling Kenyans to buy mangoes, pawpaws and maize from China. Go figure…

Author: jke

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3 thoughts on “an apple a day…”

  1. J: Don’t you know China is the new Super power, the mass is at work producing, producing for cheap… Come to US and you will see the variety of stuff made in China, you will be amazed!!! on another note “are those fruits organic?

  2. LOL. Sure, then they’re better off eating their apples themselves for as to support China’s health.

    The irony behind this globalization thing is that they’ve now even taken over that fruit business – whereby Germany sure has enough apples, even during this time of the year.

    THE ONLY way I could accept this is if I knew that there’s any sustainability behind their production concepts – however, I guess as we all know, most chinese companies just don’t give a damn about environmental aspects – even worse since they are producing food (which by itself is some sort of “innocent”). Look at the crate, the box – underneath those polished apples you’ll find a huge piece of plastic foam.

    The problem I am having with them is their complete ignorance of nature. Be it the packaging or even environmental damagge caused by transporting those apples by plane to Europe & Co.

    Is it really necessary?

  3. No, they cannot eat their own apples because they do not need to be fertile and healthy lest they reproduce, remember the one child, one family deal:-). On a serious note, China dumping of good to other countries is ridiculous because they are now hurting the domestic farmer /producer with cheap goods. Maybe German govt should be stringent about its policies.

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