Small things that add up to the big picture: just the other day I found a very nice mashup version of Elvis  & The Wailers (!) performing "Crying in the Chapel" via Andreas wonderful blog (Germany’s most active blogger?), so I took that opportunity to change the mp3 ringtone on my mobile phone from "I Get Along" by The Libertines into "Crying In The Chapel" by Elvis Presley.
Yes, ringtones ARE important. Another favoured ringtone is Franco Luambo Makiadi‘s "Attention Na Sida". Some years ago, when Nokia mobiles could only be programmed with monotone ringtones, I succesfully managed to transcript/transfer Franco’s tune onto my mobile. Nowadays, all it takes is a decent (and free!) Audio editor like Audacity, cut the desired 10 to 40 seconds sequence, save it as mp3 and transfer it onto a mobile phone.
And there’s this link to Graham Chapman’s memorial service in 1989 (via SpreeblickCodingmonkeys) –  Graham played Brian in The Life of Brian. Yes, IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base has it all. Right there, I found a pic of Elvis and realized that Graham and Elvis share the same Bday – January 8th. So, what’s the connection between both of them despite their bday? They are dead but continue to live in our memories and maybe also inspired some of us in one way or another.
And isn’t that what living is all about?

Kudos to Andreas for directing me to The Hype Machine! :-)

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  1. Hi – I am trying to find a copy of Elvis Presley/The Wailers – “Crying in the Chapel” – i have followed your links and looked at many other web sites without any result – was wondering if you had any furhther information that would help me locate this song.
    Cheers Casey

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