Small things that add up to the big pic­tu­re: just the other day I found a very nice mas­hup ver­si­on of Elvis  & The Wai­lers (!) per­forming “Cry­ing in the Cha­pel” via Andre­as won­der­ful blog (Ger­many’s most acti­ve blog­ger?), so I took that oppor­tu­ni­ty to chan­ge the mp3 ring­to­ne on my mobi­le pho­ne from “I Get Along” by The Liber­ti­nes into “Cry­ing In The Cha­pel” by Elvis Pres­ley.
Yes, ring­to­nes ARE important. Ano­t­her favou­red ring­to­ne is Fran­co Luam­bo Makia­di’s “Atten­ti­on Na Sida”. Some years ago, when Nokia mobi­les could only be pro­gram­med with mono­to­ne ring­to­nes, I suc­ces­ful­ly mana­ged to transcript/transfer Fran­co’s tune onto my mobi­le. Nowa­days, all it takes is a decent (and free!) Audio edi­tor like Auda­ci­ty, cut the desi­red 10 to 40 seconds sequence, save it as mp3 and trans­fer it onto a mobi­le pho­ne.
And the­re’s this link to Gra­ham Chap­man’s memo­ri­al ser­vice in 1989 (via Spree­blickCoding­m­on­keys) —  Gra­ham play­ed Bri­an in The Life of Bri­an. Yes, IMDB, the Inter­net Movie Data Base has it all. Right the­re, I found a pic of Elvis and rea­li­zed that Gra­ham and Elvis share the same Bday — Janu­a­ry 8th. So, wha­t’s the con­nec­tion bet­ween both of them des­pi­te their bday? They are dead but con­ti­nue to live in our memo­ries and may­be also inspi­red some of us in one way or ano­t­her.
And isn’t that what living is all about?

Kudos to Andre­as for direc­ting me to The Hype Machi­ne! :-)

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