The­re are a lot of cou­ples out the­re that are try­ing hard to give birth to a child. 

And the­re are some women out the­re that have no other choice than to give their child away / lea­ve it in a hos­pi­tal becau­se they just can’t afford it or becau­se they don’t have sup­por­ting (and under­stan­ding) men. Like in many other coun­tries, the­re are some com­mit­ted peop­le in Ger­ma­ny that have orga­nis­ed so-cal­led “Babytü­ren” (~baby doors) [PDF over­view] whe­re young mothers can lea­ve their child anony­mous­ly or get some advice and a hel­ping hand on how to deal with this dif­fi­cult situa­ti­on. All that without being affraid of any pro­se­cu­ti­on by the government and in case they might chan­ge their mind, they have a right to rec­laim their child wit­hin 8 weeks. As far as I am infor­med, the­re are about 50 such aban­don­ments in Ger­ma­ny every year. Today I was told that in Kenya the­re are about 10 new born child­ren “for­got­ten” in hos­pi­tal each week. 

I am not an expert on this, and as a man I will never even be direct­ly con­fron­ted with this dif­fi­cult decisi­on — but as a mem­ber of this glo­bal socie­ty I feel respon­si­ble as well and I would like to appeal to ever­yo­ne out the­re that all tho­se child­ren are a gift and that it is our job to take care of them. Of every sin­gle child. 

Ano­t­her friend of mine is working at a paedriatric cli­nic and just told me that she’s been wit­nessing this case whe­re a father had raped his new born, less than a year old child and con­ti­nued until a row came up and poli­ce was cal­led in.

The rea­son I am men­tio­ning all this is becau­se such cri­mes hap­pen and the­re’s not­hing I can do about it for the time being except for tal­king about it and rai­sing some awa­reness for such matters. 

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