Kîrimû nî ta mwatû

Since there seem to be some vacancies in Kenya’s political scene, I’ve already written a short message to my golfing buddy Mwai and told him to assist me with this matter I’m having:

I am a german citizen, yani, politics here don’t pay. Over here, I would never get a nice Pajero, no taxpayer would cover my mobile bills nor would I be ever be asked IF I would like to buy a piece of land somewhere in EAK. You see, I’ve already asked aliaR for some advice (hey, he’s fluent in German!) but he just replied that I’d have to become even more orange and… Uhuru? Well, you know, he’s a bit pissed at me since I stole his domain name. So anyways, I thought about becoming a Kenyan citizen and applying for a Ministry. Kwani I am a very foresighted person, I already came up with this brilliant plan: Kenya needs a Ministry for Licences.

Have you ever tried to do something in Kenya without a valid licence/permit/letter of approval?

There you have it. And I am the solution. I am hereby applying for the ultimate position as Minister for Licences et al. All those Nyayo House paper works, all those things related to how-to-make-chai and this special thing when you’re applying a stamp or seal on an offical paper. Awww…. a nice feeling.

Mwai, what are you waiting for? Kîrimû kîhithaga rwembea-inî rwa nyûmba kîûî gîtikuonwo.

P.S.: forget the Pajero, I’ll just be fine with a Subaru Legacy. Yes, those new ones. No, without a driver. Thx!

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