the best things in life are FREE

Just as I was once again remin­ded today that its tho­se small things in life that make me hap­py, I recei­ved an enve­lo­pe the next moment (barua pole pole /ado ado a.k.a. snail mail) con­tai­ning 6 Ubun­tu CDs. A live and an install ver­si­on of Ubun­tu’s 5.10 release for x86 (Intel & AMD) PCs, one for 64bit CPUs and one for Apple com­pu­ters (G3,G4, G5, iBooks & Power­books). Ever­ything free of charge!


I had orde­red them via Ubun­tu’s web­site some time ago and still can’t belie­ve tho­se guys are giving them away for free! Of cour­se it’s a gre­at way to pro­mo­te an alrea­dy nice pro­duct (unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, they never inclu­de Kubun­tu — the KDE ver­si­on of Ubun­tu — though chan­ging from Gno­me to KDE isn’t such a big deal), but this is a serious ope­ra­ting sys­tem based on Debi­an tha­t’s rea­dy to run on any nor­mal computer.

Could you ima­gi­ne M$ thro­wing out their copies of bug­gy Win­dows XP/Vista for free? 

Also, Edu­bun­tu“Linux for Young Human Bein­gs” — is just awe­so­me. Check out tho­se screen­shots

@all of K-/Ed-/Ubun­tu dev team: THENGIU MUNO! :-)

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