Diversitas: OSC1

menu_up_02.gif I just ran a blog search on Tech­nora­ti and Goog­le for more infor­ma­ti­on about this inte­res­ting con­fe­rence cal­led DIVERSITAS cur­r­ent­ly (9–12th Nov.) taking place in Oaxa­ca, Mexi­co. Their tag­li­ne reads: “FIRST DIVERSITAS Open Sci­ence Con­fe­rence — inte­gra­ting bio­di­ver­si­ty sci­ence for human well-being”.

 Bio­di­ver­si­ty? Wha­t’s that? Wiki­pe­dia says: 

Bio­di­ver­si­ty is the varie­ty of life: the dif­fe­rent plants, ani­mals and micro-orga­nisms, their genes and the eco­sys­tems of which they are a part.

Bio­lo­gi­cal diver­si­ty has no sin­gle stan­dard defi­ni­ti­on. (…) The 1992 United Nati­ons Earth Sum­mit in Rio de Janei­ro defi­ned bio­di­ver­si­ty as “the varia­bi­li­ty among living orga­nisms from all sources, inclu­ding, inter alia, ter­restri­al, mari­ne, and other aqua­tic eco­sys­tems, and the eco­lo­gi­cal com­ple­xes of which they are part: this inclu­des diver­si­ty wit­hin spe­ci­es, bet­ween spe­ci­es and of ecosystems”.


And what about “open sci­ence”? What does that stand for? Wha­t’s so open on this one? Wha­t’s so open on this con­fe­rence sin­ce it takes place in Mexi­co and the majo­ri­ty of par­ti­ci­pants still seem to be com­ing from the USA and Euro­pe? Will the­re also be ppl live blog­ging from this event and pod­cas­ting deba­tes / panel dis­cus­sions?
Ati? Not sooooo open? 

Is the­re any web­site out the­re that works as a platt­form for all tho­se nice and inte­res­ting con­fe­ren­ces whe­re inte­res­ted peop­le can just drop in and fol­low the dis­cus­sions? The­re are so many smart peop­le mee­ting all the time, exch­an­ging ide­as and inspi­ring each other — and yet the majo­ri­ty just can not afford going to all tho­se pla­ces. I think the­re’s a need for that kind of information.

As for Diver­si­tas — a friend of mine is the­re and just told me that out of 600 par­ti­ci­pants, about 8 (eight!) come from the Afri­can continent.…go figure…

Yani, one day ME I :-) will open a shop and call it “Kikuyu­mo­ja’s Open Duka” (K.O.D.) to attract cus­to­mers. I take it that the word “open” is just as sexy as “Debi­an” is for Nerds, “sus­taina­bi­li­ty” is for  envi­ron. acti­vists or “Web 2.0” is for web techies. 

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