Inte­res­ting, I was just rea­ding an arti­cle on Sheikh Kha­lid Bal­alas strugg­le while on exi­le in Euro­pe and was instant­ly remin­ded of tho­se days back in the mid 1990s. I hap­pen­ed to live in Frank­furt am Main by that time — that city whe­re he stay­ed in Ger­ma­ny, I think in a hotel some­whe­re clo­se to the main sta­ti­on and a ger­man MI5-nini had him under sur­veil­lan­ce.…
Poli­tics. Facts, unim­portant details that pop-up from various parts of my brain, some­thing I will never need to remem­ber. And yet, the visu­al memo­ries of that time, even of tho­se hec­tic days in the ear­ly 90s (Kamu­kun­ji & Co) keep on com­ing back. So many things have chan­ged in Kenya in the mean­ti­me, life has been going on, we’­re having 2005 and I am sit­ting here, rea­ding this other arti­cle and thin­king to mys­elf: will our child­ren ever ask us about the poli­tics during our heydays and what we were actual­ly doing about it?

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