Interesting, I was just reading an article on Sheikh Khalid Balalas struggle while on exile in Europe and was instantly reminded of those days back in the mid 1990s. I happened to live in Frankfurt am Main by that time – that city where he stayed in Germany, I think in a hotel somewhere close to the main station and a german MI5-nini had him under surveillance….
Politics. Facts, unimportant details that pop-up from various parts of my brain, something I will never need to remember. And yet, the visual memories of that time, even of those hectic days in the early 90s (Kamukunji & Co) keep on coming back. So many things have changed in Kenya in the meantime, life has been going on, we’re having 2005 and I am sitting here, reading this other article and thinking to myself: will our children ever ask us about the politics during our heydays and what we were actually doing about it?

Author: jke

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