what a waste!

Red Cross bubu­di­us found on my table today…

Sin­ce I never (!) had any Mala­ria, I regu­lar­ly dona­te blood with the Red Cross socie­ty. It’s in a good cau­se and the­re are tho­se old Mamas in this kiji­ji here that ser­ve good cof­fee and good food after­wards. Actual­ly, I think I just go the­re becau­se the­re’s this very old lady that always smi­les and — cur­r­ent­ly living in a coun­try with per­fect infra­st­ruc­tu­re and a good qua­li­ty of life — it’s still not so often that one meets smi­ling peop­le (why???). My bro­ther-in-law alrea­dy hit me the other day, arguing that the Ger­man Red Cross (DRK) are thiefs sin­ce they are collec­ting all that blood and sel­ling it for a lot of money. Wha­te­ver.
What I do not under­stand, though, are the­se litt­les cru­xes they are giving away as a bonus on 5th, 7th and 10th dona­ting event. I mean, wth? am I sup­po­sed to do with them? Put them on my jacket? Or sell them on eBay?? Hel­lo???! Dumb!!
I can just ima­gi­ne this litt­le fac­to­ry over in Shen­zhen, Chi­na that pro­du­ces the­se metal givea­ways and the Ger­man Red Cross buys them at huge quan­ti­ties. They’d be bet­ter off saving the money and dona­ting it for a good cau­se. Like the way I do with my blood.
(but do I say?!)

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