what a waste!

Red Cross bubudius found on my table today…

Since I never (!) had any Malaria, I regularly donate blood with the Red Cross society. It’s in a good cause and there are those old Mamas in this kijiji here that serve good coffee and good food afterwards. Actually, I think I just go there because there’s this very old lady that always smiles and – currently living in a country with perfect infrastructure and a good quality of life – it’s still not so often that one meets smiling people (why???). My brother-in-law already hit me the other day, arguing that the German Red Cross (DRK) are thiefs since they are collecting all that blood and selling it for a lot of money. Whatever.
What I do not understand, though, are these littles cruxes they are giving away as a bonus on 5th, 7th and 10th donating event. I mean, wth? am I supposed to do with them? Put them on my jacket? Or sell them on eBay?? Hello???! Dumb!!
I can just imagine this little factory over in Shenzhen, China that produces these metal giveaways and the German Red Cross buys them at huge quantities. They’d be better off saving the money and donating it for a good cause. Like the way I do with my blood.
(but do I say?!)

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