"A perfume that makes people want to love each other" – yeah, right…

Three days ago, I got this sample of JPG‘s new fragrance "Gaultier^2". They actually gave out 2 little dispensers along with 2 strange strings – maybe assuming that customers would want to use those extra items to be given to a special person? And even worse – it’s unisex – meaning: yes, YOU – the man – will probably smell like Paris & Co (Perez included :-). Yeah, go figure…
Now, what makes this relevant enough to become a BE on Kiku’s realm – the SMELL reminds me of Nairobi. Ndiyo, good old Biashara Street. Gaultier says it’s a mixture of vanilla, ambergris (sp?) and musk – but!, I tell you, it’s more like the smell inside one of those tailorings mixed up with OMO new powerfoam, joss sticks from a hindi temple, chloride from your fav swimming pool and, once applied on your skin, 12year old suntan lotion. Now go ahead and love me! :-)

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