as IF i had NOTHING better to do…

I think one day in future, my little niece will be old enough to ask questions – and then she might ask me about the stuff I used to do when "I was younger".
"Well, my dear", I will reply, "when I was about 17, I got my own home computer. An ATARI 1040 STF with an external 30 MB HDD. In Kenya. Imagine this thing running in an environment with frequent power failures – and it worked! Yeah….and so when those x86 / IBM compatible machines became available at an affordable rate, I switched to a Pentium I with 133 MHz and an operating system called Chernobyl 86 Windows95 which took some time to be installed and had more bugs than features. However, by that time in 1996 I was able to go online for the first time. …So as years passed by, computers became more and more powerful and operating systems more user-orientated. In fact, my dear, I think I’ve wasted spent the best part of my twenties (and 30s!!) in front of different computers, trying to fix this and that hard- and software problem, trying out different operating systems and trying to understand why things just didn’t work out the way they were supposed to be…I mean, all I wanted to do was actually USE those machines, you know?"

"But why didn’t you use Mac computers?"


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