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The Leatherman Wave has made it into MoMA’s latest exhibition!:

SAFE: Design Takes On Risk…presents more than 300 contemporary products and prototypes designed to protect body and mind from dangerous or stressful circumstances, respond to emergencies, ensure clarity of information, and provide a sense of comfort and security. blabla…

I never leave home without my Leatherman Wave a.k.a. gadgetimoja!
(hey, i’m just a happy cass-tuuu-maaa :-)

SAFE: Design Takes On Risk
October 16, 2005–January 2, 2006
@ The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, USA

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “salama moma”

  1. The Leatherman Wave is nice, no doubt about it. I, however, purchased the Leatherman Crunch. I liked it because of the locking pliers that are somewhat like vice grips. The only beef I have with it is that it takes 2 hands to put the pliers into use. That’s the one thing going for the Gerber multi-tools, the “flick-open” design makes deployment simple.


  2. Oh yes, the Crunch, that plumber tool. Funny thing – the first time I saw it in action was in Nairobi! An awesome mechanism. And it looks heavy – but its much lighter than the Wave, ama? What do you do with it?

    I used to have a PST only, but then someone showed me the Wave with its rounded handles and I was instantly hooked. And just two days ago, I couldn’t resist any longer and ordered the new Wave 2004, though I even thought about waiting for the Leatherman Surge. In any case – nice toys :-)
    Maybe you’ve already seen it, but please make sure not to miss out this detailed review

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