The Modern Laibon?

Esuj eras­he ng’e­juk emusa­na

I don’t know wha­t’s the deal bet­ween the Maa­sai and the Swiss, but here’s an inte­res­ting shoe trai­ning tool  from Switz­er­land cal­led Masai Bar­fuss Tech­no­lo­gie (MBT) by a com­pa­ny that goes by the name of Swiss Masai (as seen on poly­lux and other chan­nels):

“Using a mul­ti laye­red sole, MBT® trans­forms flat, hard, arti­fi­cial sur­faces into natu­ral, uneven ground. Much like wal­king in sand, the uni­que uplif­ting lever spring action of the MBT® sole chal­len­ges the core streng­t­he­ning mus­cles to be more acti­ve. This reac­ti­ve, more sup­por­ti­ve mus­cle action crea­tes good pos­tu­re and incre­a­ses shock absorp­ti­on for all the joints, signi­fi­cant­ly redu­cing mus­cu­lar-skeletal compression.”

Yaa­ni, this modern flip-flop cos­ts 179,- EURs (~ 215 US$)… 

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