A few years ago, I wan­ted to get my hands on a PDA. Sin­ce I could­n’t even afford a mono­chro­me Palm PDA, I went for a cool & che­a­per Texas Instru­ments AVIGO 10 that basi­cal­ly did the same things like a Palm.
Sin­ce I could­n’t stand their bat­te­ry con­sump­ti­on and in the cour­se of  impro­ving it, I had even built my own rech­ar­ger for Avi­go’s 2xAAA power sup­ply that I had mana­ged to mold into the PDA’s cradle.

As PDAs are gre­at toys and sin­ce I don’t need any Black­ber­ry sty­led e‑mail-push-ser­vice, I soon swit­ched back to my beloved paper orga­ni­zer.  Now upon rea­ding some older giz­mo boing­bo­ing ent­ries, I’ve come across this lovely Pocket­Mod nini which seems to be qui­te use­ful for my needs. That is, I always have to wri­te down my own to-do-list in order to remem­ber the stuff that rum­bles round in my head. Pocket­Mod could easi­ly beco­me my sty­led up to-do-list :-)
Ano­t­her gre­at link on this sub­ject might be the D*I*Y Plan­ner

What I like about Pocket­Mod is the fol­ding method. Might be use­ful for other needs as well.…

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