A few years ago, I wanted to get my hands on a PDA. Since I couldn’t even afford a monochrome Palm PDA, I went for a cool & cheaper Texas Instruments AVIGO 10 that basically did the same things like a Palm.
Since I couldn’t stand their battery consumption and in the course of  improving it, I had even built my own recharger for Avigo’s 2xAAA power supply that I had managed to mold into the PDA’s cradle.

As PDAs are great toys and since I don’t need any Blackberry styled e-mail-push-service, I soon switched back to my beloved paper organizer.  Now upon reading some older gizmo boingboing entries, I’ve come across this lovely PocketMod nini which seems to be quite useful for my needs. That is, I always have to write down my own to-do-list in order to remember the stuff that rumbles round in my head. PocketMod could easily become my styled up to-do-list :-)
Another great link on this subject might be the D*I*Y Planner

What I like about PocketMod is the folding method. Might be useful for other needs as well….

Author: jke

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