With all the iPhone hype back then, pls allow me to celebrate my Nokia fanboy moment for 2 minutes.

Honestly, I wasn’t counting on any innovation by Nokia these days and really hope that they improved the S60 browser on this upcoming device. I think the success of a phone these days depends to at least 40% on the mobile browser. The one on the iPhone is good. If Nokia understood this message and improves the S60 browser until the N97 is released in ~ 05/2009, it could become a? good phone for bloggers. Else it will just be another SE X1, HTC touch and so on.

The swapable QWERTY keyboard (horizontally, not vertically – very important) is the only reason I would accept moving from a slider phone to another slider phone. Else I am all monoblock. Same reason why I switched from a Nokia 7110 to a 6210 in 2000.

Oh, and did I mention it has microUSB charging? To me, real innovations start with these not so obvious details which are more important to me than awesome multimedia options.

If this new phone is as easy to use as the iPhone, I will want to have it asap!