25cm of…


..of WTF?

This beautiful watch was included in an auction for a used (aka remanufactured) Panansonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 camera by a popular seller from Malaysia on eBay.

The camera itself is a bit scratched and looks like a typical RMA-candidate to me, but hey – I’ll stick to it for the moment (= custom taxes, return shipping fee, time >> willing & able to invest at the moment). I guess they include these extra “FREE GIFTS!!!!” to a) cover up faulty cameras, b) get rid of it and c) make the package look like a gift (customs related issues).

The watch, however, is just a beauty. Maybe I should wrap this up and send it to someone special. Hehe… .-)

(wait….is that a lizard on the dial? omg! omg!)