A Bit of Everything

I’ve recently developed an interest in….metal detectors.

That’s right. Metal detectors that enable the search for metallic objects hidden some inches below the surface. Contrary to other places, the geographical middle of Europe seems to be blessed with archaelogical treasures.


Which leads me to the actual dilemma:

1. I actually don’t have any time to waste on another hobby.

2. There are so many other interesting hobbies I have.

3. I’ve always thought it may be better to limit myself to a few leisure activities (due to 1. & 2.) and focus on them only.

4. Most of my friends are academics or intellectuals who aren’t as geeky as I am and/or won’t have an interest in …strange….hobbies such as using a metal detector to search the nearby forest for Roman coins.

So I did a quick test and asked the freakiest freak-friend of mine who usually rumbles around in military clothes all day long and looks like a potential metal detector freak (he actually looks a lot like Al Yankovic in UHF) if he would be interested in joining me on such a hobby.

“Naa…”, he said, “…not really”.

See? This is the same reaction I received from most of my friends in 1994 when I started being interested in amateur radio. Or fishing. Or guitar playing. Or shooting. Or blogging. Or while repairing my old ’89 VW Golf. Or repairing electronics with a jua kali approach. Or my recently aquired toy helicopter. Or other handicrafts….

I’ve always been interested in geeky stuff – which isn’t that bad – but I’ve so often been alone on this. And then I’ve chosen those activities although there are other things I would really like to spend more time on. Like improving my guitar playing. Or learning more foreign languages. Reading the pile of books that’s next to my table – not fiction but books related to water & sanitation or political issues.

Well I am not complaining – for I am still free at this (advanced) age to do whatever I want to (uhuru!) and actually created this space in order to enjoy this variety. It’s only that I am wondering why I’ve always chosen such rather geeky hobbies instead of playing soccer with my mates or clubbing with the fiancée*.

What a luxurious dilemma this is! Get a life…

I know. I’m just sayin, u know…?

Oh, and btw, would you join me on a walk to the forest? Hey this is really cool, we can find great stuff!

*fiancée isn’t into clubbing and also says that metal detectors are for Spanish grandmothers who are combing the beaches, improving their pension.

[Disclaimer: I am yet to decide whether my I can afford to cough up USD 200 on such a metal detector if in the end I’ll only use it about 20x and then sell it on eBay…]

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Everything”

  1. Other than a spanish abuelita, there is only one more person on this planet that I wouldn’t mind to see walking around with a metal detector: Steve Urkel!
    I’d still join you on a walk through the woods though.

  2. Very cool luxurious dilemma. Enjoy and do share about the cool stuff the forest walks yield to your determined and demanding metal detector :)

  3. Und falls Du irgend etwas rundes findest, im Boden dicht unter der Oberfläche vergraben, irgendwo im Wald auf ungefähr halber Strecke zwischen Braunschweig und Magdeburg: Besser nicht drauftreten! ;-)

    Falls Du Dich für Rost, Betonschutt und dunkle löcher im Boden interessierst, dann schau mal hier: http://www.lostplaces.de

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