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Another sweet reason that justifies the recent purchase of a 2nd hand eee Asus 901 is the compact size and weight of the power supply.

An 8,9″ display at 1024x600px resolution combined with a rather tiny keyboard for sure isn’t as perfect as the ideal combination of these two worlds – which would probably be an advanced 11,1″ notebook @ 1280x800px and full CoreDuo CPU – but any kg I do not have to carry around is very much appreciated.

Netbooks are cool and if Apple and AMD do not agree on this, then it’s just because they haven’t come up with suitable alternatives. With the worldwide increase in netbook sales, it becomes obvious that many consumers actually like these low-cost computers.

My eeePC has a 6-cell battery that lasts for at least 6hrs (tested!) – which provides real mobile comfort so I could even leave this power supply at home.

I think that netbooks – which ideally also come with an internal 3G modem and a basic Linux OS – are the perfect computer for most average households, whether in Europe, the US or Africa.

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