This is what happens…

…when you sell your car, become older and think “Ok, I am old enough for this kind of….embarrassment?”, want to save the environment and eventually cough up 10,- EUR on a trolley for your sato shopping needs:


We called her “Audrey”.

Soweit ist es jetzt also schon gekommen.

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  1. Show me another 33y old dude in Germany who normally does The Fonz and uses one of those trolleys.

  2. You purchased a Hackenporsche? Alter Schenker, JKE was willste bitte damit? .. Doch nicht etwa zum Einkaufen? .. you will have to move to Venice now every second Venecian seems to have one to battle the stairs …

    See stereotype here.

  3. hi juergen,
    obwohl praktisch, denke ich dass dieses utensil auch fuer dich noch zu frueh scheint GRINS

  4. I must confess: I’m not man enough (yet?) to be seen rolling with one of those. Unless I’m also strolling along with a hot-hot-hot mama (re: hoochie).

    Maybe you can sex or macho it up. The blue is alright, but, darling, get rid of the checkered flap, replace it with a design of a guitar or rocketship or red sportscar.