Obama Superstar

An American woman today boarded the commuter train in Frankfurt-Rödelheim and wore an Obama’08 badge. As she kept on talking with her boyfriend about the elections and how things will hopefully change, her seat neighbour from West Africa kindly asked her for that badge and was more than happy when she handed it over to him.

“God bless you, my friend”, he gratefully replied, “God bless you!”.

Obama is much more than a candidate for the 44th presidency in the United States of America.

When we look at today’s web editions of both leading newspapers in Kenya (The Daily Nation, The Standard), we see the following news items (Obama and other US-election related news are marked yellow):

The Daily Nation:
FireShot capture #1 - 'DAILY NATION - Home' - www nation co ke

The Standard:
FireShot capture #2 - 'The Standard I Online Edition Home' - www eastandard net

When was the last time you didn’t associate war, terror, fear with the USA?

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5 thoughts on “Obama Superstar”

  1. WooHoo!

    One line I like from Voices Without Votes: now (soon!), Americans no longer need be embarrassed by the U.S. government.

    I can’t wait for the following weeks, conservatives and Bushies alternatively trying to backpedal on ruining our country, and the entire World; then running to hide under the rocks they originally came from.

    And poor Curious George. The emperor never had any clothes but his cronies made him King. And when the winds changed, and they had gotten all they could get out of him, they never again mentioned his name, a fate worse than his enemies cursing him. Let little George Jr. now sit on his ranch, for the rest of his days, which I hope are very very long, knowing that, in the end, even his “friends” turned their backs on him.

  2. Eh!

    Funny thing for me though: I’ve never seen him as a “black president” or speaking up for Afro-Americans, nor did I regard him as someone who represents other particular groups.

    What I really like about Obama is that his statements provide enough flexibility to reach everyone (world wide) and that his campaign was like P2P, where everyone was a seeder / hub / distributor.

    The historical part for me is that we’ve seen a special campaign that will most def. inspire many others.

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