Dear applicants for an internship (whereever),

pls allow me to provide the following advice on improving your applications:

When applying for an internship or a job, pls make sure to include a letter which explains why you want to work with Acme Inc. and why you think you are qualified for the position.

Pls format* your CV & letter in an eye-friendly way, e.g.:

  • one font
  • clear structure
  • no typos
  • save as PDF

I may be a bit too German aka the “grammar nazi” aka following a certain norm on this, but then: there sure is a reason why ppl sometimes are refused a position.

In other words: what’s the use of employing someone who even has a PhD in something if he/she can’t even write a proper business letter or follow simple formatting guidelines?

I have really come to appreciate formatting norms and – while you won’t have to use progs like LaTeX & Co to ueberformat your work – i’d really appreciate if ppl just stop this *copy & paste culture* and start preparing their work in an easy-to-read format.

I will also have to improve my own style, so I do not exclude myself from this mwalimu mkuu wisdom.

(* = you won’t have to be a design student or Apple user or even coder to understand this simple guideline. If in doubt, pls use a template!)

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