MW&I website rant

While wai­t­ing for an apt-get update on my machi­ne here to finish, I made the mista­ke of che­cking out the Web­site of the Minis­try of Water & Irri­ga­ti­on in Kenya.

Sigh. Pls allow me this short rant.

The (recent­ly relaun­ched?) web­site of the MW&I in Kenya pro­vi­des only very litt­le to no infor­ma­ti­on at all to its visi­tors. Yeah, sure, the­re’s this Zim­bra e‑mail cli­ent hid­den under a sub­do­main, but else — wha­t’s the use of having a *new* web­site if con­tent is missing?

Me thinks: keep it short & simp­le. What ppl DON’T want to read online are long spee­ches by this or that hono­r­abool PS or Minis­ter, but ins­tead what they WANT to read and down­load are gui­de­li­nes regar­ding the water poli­ci­es, how they can inter­act with the Minis­try & it’s offices (WSBs & WRMA) and fur­ther links to web­sites that pro­vi­de enough detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on bey­ond the poli­ti­cal bla­bla NO one is going to read any­ways. So how come that this web­site is just ano­t­her lost oppor­tu­ni­ty to show that the­re are inde­ed some very smart folks at the MW&I who could pro­vi­de much bet­ter ser­vices to the public? Is it becau­se the poor souls who had to rede­sign the site weren’t pro­vi­ded with enough detail­ed information?

This just reminds me of the IT dis­cus­sions on Skunk­works Kenya fol­lowing the NYT arti­cle the other day. It’s like the­re’s enough poten­ti­al avail­ab­le but only *tho­se insti­tu­ti­ons* (like JKUAT) clear­ly lack enough faci­li­ties becau­se the funds went into other pockets… a vicious cycle of incom­pe­tence, with tho­se suf­fe­ring who should be hel­ped buil­ding the nation.

I real­ly wish that one day we’ll get rid of tho­se hip­pos who are blo­cking real pro­gress in Kenya and elsewhere.

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