the one stop resource

Ppl use Wiki­pe­dia to access ency­clo­pe­dic know­ledge on a cer­tain topic.
Ppl use Goog­le for a broa­der search on a topic.
Ppl use to recei­ve selec­ted search results that have been pre-selec­ted by human users.
Ppl use Ama­zon for buy­ing books online.
Ppl use eBay to find a used spa­re part or other inte­res­ting items avail­ab­le for purchase.

The other day I saved this link to my deli­cious account which pro­vi­des many inte­res­ting DIY manu­als on various topics. You know how many web­sites the­re are that pro­vi­de DIY manu­als or user gui­des? Many! — BUT! you’ll never find them becau­se they aren’t as SEXY as Wiki­pe­dia or Goog­le or Deli­cious or Ama­zon. “Sexy”, as in “known + popu­lar + easy to use”.

WHAT WE NEED to have is a 1stop-resour­ce-online with manu­als on each and every topic, all of them attri­bu­t­ed with a Crea­ti­veCom­mons licence for trans­pa­ren­cy rea­sons and a tag­ged system.

THE BEST WAY to achie­ve this would be to ask ALL pro­vi­ders of DIY manu­als online to enter their publi­ca­ti­ons one by one into a social book­mar­king sys­tem online (or a dedi­ca­ted web­site on this topic) and tag them with appro­pria­te key­words for fur­ther reference.

It would make things so much easier.

Bes­i­des, having them in a social book­mar­king web­site, we would­n’t need to crea­te one huge ser­ver with band­width capa­ci­ty, but ins­tead ever­ything could remain whe­re it is right now… also, i am just tal­king about DO IT YOURSELF manu­als here, not the usu­al cor­po­ra­te *soft* bla­bla like “dis­cus­sion papers”, “***** frame­work”, “what ought to be done”-papers and other “plea­se con­si­der the envi­ron­ment befo­re prin­ting this paper”-docu­ments that are just jus­ti­fy­ing the PhD of some aut­hors but don’t chan­ge anything to the bet­ter for tho­se who are wil­ling to chan­ge the situa­ti­on they are in and could actual­ly make use of the aggre­ga­ted know­ledge as found in DIY manuals.

Me thinks: most orga­niz­a­ti­ons just don’t do this becau­se a) they don’t know about social book­mar­king web­sites, b) the­re’s no poli­cy on this, c) they are con­se­quent­ly not paid for this extra work and d)? the­re’s a cer­tain aim to stick to their publi­ca­ti­ons = pro­ducts = pro­of of their work = inco­me gene­ra­tor for the years to come.

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