my briefcase is bigger than yours

I had an urgent desire this morning to blog about something that would prolly come close to a *what-if-Raila-wins*-scenario, dealing with questions like “Who will organise the opposition then?”, “Who will organise the Intelligence Network?”, “How will Kenya benefit of such a situation”, etc. – but then I am not really the right person to blog about such questions and ask for answers.
So I took a quick glance at a well known internet forum specialized on Kenyan politics and realized – once again: Politics are a beautiful waste of time.
Besides, there’s no reasonable analysis possible if 99% of the stuff you get to read online is based on gossip and other propaganda. I sometimes even think it’s some kind of “judgement day” – the upcoming elections on December 27th – a day on which Kenyans want to settle a few very personal issues with this and that male or female politician.

Atiriiri…with all these questions in mind (and the more you think about it, the more stuff comes up), I can already picture myself being squeezed between two Nairobi characters: one from the Koigi/rural farmers section with huge hats & the obligatory pickup parked outside and maybe the other one a retired academic from channel ‘O’ who – both drunk – would yell some gibberish into my ears… OH! This reminds me of the Kenyan Bar I wanted to check out here in Frankfurt. Hmmm. :-)

So, instead of answering these difficult questions and joining other fellow Kenyans on these hectic days of election campaign debates and “breaking news: candidate abc is stepping down for xyz (and was given a lump sum of xx mill Kshs.)”, I will instead focus on much more important matters:


Seriously, have you ever noticed that many people with nice looking briefcases often have nothing else inside their luggage but only something like a newspaper or an apple?

On the other hand, though, those who are really in need of decent luggage and have to carry at least one laptop, 3kgs of paper and 2 books as well as other obscure office stuff for maybe a business trip often have the oldest, smallest, dirtiest and ugliest backpacks ever seen.

Dito shoes, suites, desktops.

Coming to think of it…politics aren’t that much different.

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