what’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?



1 man working while 3 others are watching him.

Yeah…ok….maybe they didn’t want to be seen doing some illegal stuff, but still: a typical scene in most places (not only in Kenya!).

AOB: So there are nearly 2.600 candidates for the up-coming elections on December 26th & 27th in Kenya? Impressive…

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5 thoughts on “what’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. LOL, the position of those folks at the top seems to do quite “risky business” as well. I just imagine a small landslip forwarding them right into that ditch.

  2. Ehh maze thats crazy, maybe the guy is calling for help and those other guyz hawana uwezo
    or they are also wandering on how the guy can take that risk!

  3. This is what kibaki wants, kazi iendelee. The poor people work hard in risky areas, while his cronies sit up there and eat all they can and want them to vote for them back so that they can eat more. This is common logic, you dont have to go to kindergatten to learn this……come on my fellow kenyans. By the way am an average John hardly putting the basic needs on my family table! Cheers though happy xmas to all kenyans out there but remember we need a better government vote Raila, if he goes the same route (referendum/ vote of no confidence)we kick him out and give another person and so on. No salvation in this business, it is the ballot box brothers and sisters period!!!!!!

  4. @ Kamomgo:Oh plizz, I tend differ with your
    blatant accusation that Kibaki wants folks to work
    in risky area., Why is it Kibaki is to be blamed
    when there areo are elected MPs are meawho are
    supposed to be the watchdog of Kibaki and are
    SUPPOSED to represent these folsk and argue their case
    in parliament.
    > Why is it Kibaki has to answer to misgivings
    of everyone and everything that has gone wrong
    within the constituencies. Give me a break will ya!
    It is the duty of elected Mp to make sure such
    plight are represented in parliament, argued and
    motions passed forth by the MP when they are not
    busy touring Europe to buy their high maintenace
    vehicle or sleeping in parliament.
    > If Raila or Uhuru and any other opposition were
    better watch dog, why does it take them 4
    > years to shout on the roof tops of all the
    wrong that the government has done and what have
    they themselves done to uplift the plight of the
    > And as I keep saying government is there to
    lay the ground work and for the people to use that
    and better themselves and while at it be creative
    an show some effort instead of sitting down and
    waiting for a savior.
    > I can guarantee Raila is no savior whether he
    was persecuted by former regime of MOI or not! He
    has been in the government for a long time too
    and instead of spending time to pass motions in
    parliament he is busy touring USA and other corners
    of the globe solicitating ” campaign managers”
    for his own gain.
    > The role of the government is not to put food
    on your kichen table but rather create an
    environment for you to do so and if you cannot to so
    then blame yourselves not the government of the
    day. Yes the current govt has failed in some ways
    but blame
    > Kenyans too for having twisted tendencies to
    expect handouts /welfare from the govt.
    > As for the Pic perhaps it is analogy of how
    some ‘people” ( opposition) has stood in the
    fences watching other work and singing Kazi Iendelee
    until it is their chance to come and bring in the
    mudslide burying all those who are busy working!
    > Yes for all those who want a peaceful and a
    Kenya that continues to charge forward, a Kenya that
    has ground work to take off to the next platform
    and one that does not need to be reduced to a
    beggar nation = GO VOTE!

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