just an idea

…since I’ve been discussing the OLPC initiative the other day with some of my colleagues… how about this really tiny item which could really make a difference:

A keychain LED light, powered by a small rechargeable battery inside which is charged by a tiny solar panel (= fragments of solar cells that are leftovers from the production of bigger cells). With some adds printed on the device, or even an integrated RFID chip to enable mobile payment, such a little gadget would be really handy for those who need a torch in their pocket.

(= sometimes I just wish to have a Chinese factory that I could approach with a prototype and tell them: produce this. You know how many smart ideas exist out there but never come to life because of financial issues, copyrights and expensive marketing? A few thousand, I guess…)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.