from iGoogle to GoogleReaderMobile

…so I changed my feed reader today: from iGoogle – Google’s personalized homepage – to (the mobile version of) Google Reader.


iGoogle looks like this on my laptop screen:

igoogle screenshot pc

and like this on my Nokia N95:

Screenshot0007 Screenshot0008

==> opening items takes some time and is a bit old-fashioned. While it’s good to obtain an overview on what’s new on each feed, it actually only lists items in a static order and you’d have to continue loading another page in order to see all feeds. Hence the need to switch from iGoogle (which I’ll continue using on my laptop) to Google Reader…

…which looks like this on my laptop:

googlereader screenshot pc

and like this on my N95 (==> !):

Screenshot0009 Screenshot0010

Obviously, accessing my feeds using the dedicated Google Reader – also because of it’s better navigation – makes sense. Hey guys, this thing is fast and it works!

All it requires is this awesome little export to opml utility that generates an *.xml file which may then be imported onto your GoogleReader settings page. In case you’re having different tabs installed on iGoogle, just merge all xml files into a big one. Kudos to Mihai, author of the OPML utility.

It’s fast, it’s simple, it works, it wins!

AOB: Soapstone Simpsons. Kenya believe it? :-)