how long does it take to load?


A friend of mine in Nairobi informed me today that my blog takes ages to load. Can anyone of you confirm this?

I already? tested my website with the free? webwait service (as pictured above), but I don’t know if this actually tests the speed time? my website takes to load (~ server response time, scripts, etc.), or just how fast my site loads with my current connection (speed).

Any feedback on the download/accessibility/site-loading speed is very much appreciated. Thank You!

AOB: MSIE 6.029 sux. big times!

Author: jke

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16 thoughts on “how long does it take to load?”

  1. My Internet access at home is via GPRS (EDGE actually) and I’ve gotten, after 5 runs, 31.56 secs. But don’t use my experience as common.

    Then again, your friend is in Nairobi…

  2. I didn’t count the secs but your site takes a quite a bit longer than most but again this is Nairobi and even worse I am in a cyber!

  3. Hey guys, thx for the feedback!!

    Now I think the database powering this blog is already optimized, but I guess the delay happens due to javascripts that are running here and there. Damn it. Maybe I should move them to the footer section?

    58/Chris: the spam classification is due to your use of “58”. I am only using Akismet, so these guys over at WP apparently don’t like you??? :-)

  4. Rateng, thx, isn’t this the article Hash mentioned the other day?

    As for speeding up the blog, now what I did so far was to cut out all javascript counters (google analytics, gmaps, etc.) from the header and pasting them into the footer section. This should speed up the site loading process, although i guess this also depends on the used browser. Also, I’ve made sure to relocate the banners and logos exclusively to so that there’s almost only one server request.
    Afrigator, for instance – i am using their invisible gif with zero width and height to add the counter functionality and the logo is loaded extra from my site (whereas it would normally serve to track traffic). And I didn’t do this for David Kobia’s mashada logo as I didn’t know if he’s using any script on his site to analyze that traffic (you hear me, bro? :-).

  5. Speaking of slow Internet access, or lack thereof, I’ve been searching for this info: last year (or 2005?) there was a hackers’ conference in Europe where it was noted that they had more bandwidth available in that one building than in all of Africa. When this factoid was presented to one of the conf. organizer, he was visibly very embarassed by it. Anyone know which conference this was?

  6. Can’t have been: the Camp last was held in 2003, and the event I described happened either Q1-2007, last year, or no later than 2005. I’ll get back to ya when I find out more.

  7. Danke. I think his statement became viral for future cons, as I’m sure my event happened last year, and not in 2005 as I thought. I found one ‘viral’ reference —here.

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