Dear Colleagues,

in case I happen to be out of office during the next few weeks – here’s why:


Seriously, after 1hour of playing with this awesome gadget, figuring out all important shortcuts & testing various applications like surfing & phoning via WLAN (VoIP…sweet!) or the internal GPS, I realized that this new phone really is a kick-ass gadgetimoja. In fact, it is the best Nokia I’ve ever used.
Especially since I am migrating from a Nokia 6230i which runs on the S40/2nd edition operating system, whereas the Nokia N95 comes with a cool S60/3rd edition OS.

For my non-techie readers:

  • S40/2nd = driving to Mombasa in a Toyota Corolla
  • S60/3rd = being driven to Mombasa in a luxurious Mercedes Viano mini bus, with nice music, a great video system, a playstation on board as well as a broadband internet connection all the way from downtown Nbo to Likoni ferry.
  • (this phone with an external wireless keyboard, available as an optional extension = flying to Mombasa)

1. The Ministry of Finance has not been informed on this purchase.
2. Financing for this device has been secured through external fundings, with lots of donors support and a fair interest rate.
3. WTx is an iPhone? :-)

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