Dear Colleagues,

in case I happen to be out of office during the next few weeks – here’s why:


Seriously, after 1hour of playing with this awesome gadget, figuring out all important shortcuts & testing various applications like surfing & phoning via WLAN (VoIP…sweet!) or the internal GPS, I realized that this new phone really is a kick-ass gadgetimoja. In fact, it is the best Nokia I’ve ever used.
Especially since I am migrating from a Nokia 6230i which runs on the S40/2nd edition operating system, whereas the Nokia N95 comes with a cool S60/3rd edition OS.

For my non-techie readers:

  • S40/2nd = driving to Mombasa in a Toyota Corolla
  • S60/3rd = being driven to Mombasa in a luxurious Mercedes Viano mini bus, with nice music, a great video system, a playstation on board as well as a broadband internet connection all the way from downtown Nbo to Likoni ferry.
  • (this phone with an external wireless keyboard, available as an optional extension = flying to Mombasa)

1. The Ministry of Finance has not been informed on this purchase.
2. Financing for this device has been secured through external fundings, with lots of donors support and a fair interest rate.
3. WTx is an iPhone? :-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “w00t!”

  1. Heh and i thought i was ‘in the cool zone’ with my motorola Z6. Puny 2mega pixel camera compared to your new baby. Envy!! :)

  2. wow. stuff of dreams – it retails for about $750 in Nairobi.
    Did a phone upgrade this week, within the nokia family but stuck at a modest $100 6070

  3. Wow! The way i have avoided going to the Nokia site to gawk at the phone you come and shove it in my face…hhehehe…soon i shall be busy drooling and panting all over it at phone xpress waving my credit card…leta ii…ndio..io weka ile iko na seal…hehehehee!! **closing window before the fantasy is made real…must resist temptation!**

  4. LOL!
    You know with my old Nokia I really learned to take a deep breath and realized that everything else beyond basic phoning needs is pure luxury. Including the mp3 player on the 6230i which always stalled due to the (unsupported) 2 GB MMCard while playing music (2 GB = lots of mp3 files = a huge index, indexing took about 15-20 minutes whenever the phone restarted).
    750 US$ is a lot of money, the same phone retails for 800 US$ in Germany, so Kenya is in fact cheaper! Well, u see, I could never afford to pay such a sum, nor would I ever feel the need to cough up such an amount for a phone, LAKINI, this time around I inquired and did it the smart way, many others also go: ordering two postpaid contracts with a monthly fee of around 15,- EUR (for both) + getting the N95 for free (free! :-). ==> 24 month contract, overall fixed costs 371,- EUR /24 = ~ 15,- EUR/month…I think that’s ok, especially since the phone sells for 600,- EUR, so they are giving you 600-371 = 229 EUR just because you signed two contracts that *may* generate a revenue for them once you’re using them + and the expensive tariff plan. Which I am of course not going to do – I call them “Schubladenverträge”, idle contracts that were just signed to skim off the subsidization.
    Haiyaa, makes me think I should recategorize this post to “Kikuism”. :-)

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