my contribution to the iPhone hype

Someone pls put a 5mpx cam + decent Xenon flash on the iPhone – and I will sell my WinXP notebook, move to the USA and become one of those Apple disciples.

The iPhone keyboard alone is reason enough for me to sit here and sigh in astonishment.

Nevertheless, I will not wait for the 2nd generation to come out, but instead go and buy that other gadgetimoja that goes by the name of Nokia N95. Because – contrary to the full price others have to pay for a new phone – we over here in Germany are able to sign for two phone line contracts for about 10,- EUR/month each (for 24 month) and get a subsidized phone for free. The only “problem” is that most users feel a bit uncomfy about the fact that they are actually having 2 inactive phone lines / SIM cards waiting in the drawer on which they are sometimes even having free airtime & sms packages bundled with…


…but the battery life of the iPhone making calls wasn’t great; we measured it at 4 hours and 3 minutes in our first test and 5 hours and 1 minute in our second….(…)…. is significantly shorter than the LG Prada and the N95. …(…)…. For most users (such as commuters), we’d reccomend that you charge it every day. (source)

Now that’s the same thing others have said about the N95 before….however – just as everyone will be quite aware that any such gadget won’t have great battery runtimes with all these gizmos onboard – the N95 at least has an exchangeable battery. And a better camera with video recording. And GPS. And no stupid network limitations.
And… :-)

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3 thoughts on “my contribution to the iPhone hype”

  1. I’m getting tempted on that iphone mania but with the high price that comes with it,I will wait a couple of more years meanwhile yeah Nokia N95 is cool enough to replace my now very old outdated Nokia 6016i but as outdated as it may be it has a life of a cat .This phone has fallen enough times , parts fell of and a quick fix, it is back on …talk of longevity.

  2. I guess I am just not a phone person. My Nokia 3230 serves me very well, thank you, and unless I can no longer send text messages or make/receive calls reliably with it, I don’t see myself replacing it. Let alone get anything more advanced!

    I was at a shop this past weekend playing with an iPhone, and it just didn’t do it for me. I honestly failed to see what about it would drive anyone excited. Add to that the $600 price tag, and that there just removes any shred of desire I may have had for getting one.

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