It already started with my arrival in the office as late as 10 am – being deeply in thoughts about which CMS may be adequate enough for this little project I am currently working on, I missed the right train and ended up taking another one which dropped me at the airport. Wrong direction!

Then, at 11 am, a meeting with smart ppl left me a bit frustrated, as these dudes & dudettes once again celebrated and elaborated on e.g. how to define an expression? like “capacity building” on their sector for the interested public.
Well – working in this dev aid environment sure is an interesting opportunity and I really love? what I am currently doing (because of the sustainability background & involvment of IT & environmental engineering), but a lot of these things – these things that involve the production of unimportant papers and justifications for various actions taken? – are just as obsolete as the thousands of other bureaucratic barriers the world doesn’t really need. Because there’s no positive impact. It doesn’t make a difference. Those targeted don’t need papers with explanations.


Bill of “Jewels in the Jungleactually sumarized? it pretty nicely – on one hand the G8 meeting in Hooligendamn, and on the other the ongoing TEDGlobal2007 conference in Arusha. Two worlds?

Interestingly, the very same smart ppl as mentioned above from my meeting here this morning – those who are making plans for developing countries nations -? never even heard about? TEDGlobal.? Ignorance, as mentioned before?

I just told my one Israeli colleague “uka haha”, which is Gikuyu for “pls just come here”. After realizing that he didn’t understand a single word, I decided to blog? this frustrating day -? hoping it would have a therapeutic effect on me. *sigh*

But then,I still can’t lose the feeling that the Eurosphere has (at least) a? slight ignorance for the Afrosphere -? which? would be? a big mistake, I think.

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