Good Morning…


Pls compare your article (05/07) with mine (01/06).

Ey ihr Amis seid echt manchmal so etwas von beschränkt, dass Ihr Euch in Eurer Welt nur auf das Zusammentragen von fremden Inhalten (= Web 2.0) beschränkt habt, und jede intellektuelle Erkenntnis gleich als neues Weltwunder in den Raum gestellt wird.

Author: jke

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning…”

  1. Yeah Duuhhh u wrote that way before they did:-) and I commented on it when I used to blog …

  2. LOL, yeah, welcome back to blogging!

    As for that BB article – my criticism isnt about their reposting of old stuff (these commercials are so good, cant be mentioned enough), but about limiting these things to their already reduced picture of “the continent”.

    As for content – I prefer those sites that generate their own content instead of aggregating it from other sites, which is very web 2.0…

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