ditigal ist besser

The irony about browser compatibility issues, I think, isn’t about adjusting a template or css to fit each and every browser, but being forced to create rubbish code to please those freaks who coded the browsers in the first place.

I updated another blog based on wp late last night and encountered nothing else but trouble with the installed template and a very much annoyed content publisher. And this although I had diligently planed this update for 3 weeks and tested it on my own blog.

But what do you do when the majority of the site’s visitors still use MSIE 6.0 – which is known for various bugs? Tell them to switch browsers? Of course not.

In this case it’s also due to a rather old template which is still based on WP 1.5. However, most modern templates we’ve tested so far don’t provide the same simple layout characteristics we’ve appreciated about the old one.

In the end this whole internet thing is just a beautiful waste of time… :-)

Have a nice day, eh?

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “ditigal ist besser”

  1. NOT in defence of IE6, but it’s what is available on most computers we use. Maybe it all goes back to the Microsoft (anti-trust) case of a few years back, but almost all computers with any windows OS also come with IE. So IE6 is what we use in the office, in cyber cafes, on our laptops to browse. [and i’m sure most web site stats will confirm that over 90% of traffic is still from IE browsers]

  2. IE is way overrated. If it was my decision, we would just scrap the whole thing along with office and switch to opensource software. Firefox, Camino and others are way better, and in terms of pricing the office suite is ridiculously expensive. There are much better (because the do the same and cost 1/10) options around such as the thinkfree suite and others. And true, it sucks to change stuff only for IE. I decided I’m not gonna bother about that anymore. In fact I havent even looked at my site in IE ever. Should I?

  3. In the end this whole internet thing is just a beautiful waste of time… :-)

    yes yes yes a beautiful waste of time!
    MSIE 6 + CSS = arrrrrrrrrgh

    and now imagine all the MAC browsers, aiii. We are in problems!

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