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The irony about browser compatibility issues, I think, isn’t about adjusting a template or css to fit each and every browser, but being forced to create rubbish code to please those freaks who coded the browsers in the first place.

I updated another blog based on wp late last night and encountered nothing else but trouble with the installed template and a very much annoyed content publisher. And this although I had diligently planed this update for 3 weeks and tested it on my own blog.

But what do you do when the majority of the site’s visitors still use MSIE 6.0 – which is known for various bugs? Tell them to switch browsers? Of course not.

In this case it’s also due to a rather old template which is still based on WP 1.5. However, most modern templates we’ve tested so far don’t provide the same simple layout characteristics we’ve appreciated about the old one.

In the end this whole internet thing is just a beautiful waste of time… :-)

Have a nice day, eh?

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