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The iro­ny about brow­ser com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty issu­es, I think, isn’t about adjus­ting a tem­pla­te or css to fit each and every brow­ser, but being for­ced to crea­te rub­bish code to plea­se tho­se freaks who coded the brow­sers in the first place.

I updated ano­t­her blog based on wp late last night and encoun­te­red not­hing else but trou­ble with the instal­led tem­pla­te and a very much annoy­ed con­tent publis­her. And this alt­hough I had dili­gent­ly pla­ned this update for 3 weeks and tes­ted it on my own blog.

But what do you do when the majo­ri­ty of the site’s visi­tors still use MSIE 6.0 — which is known for various bugs? Tell them to switch brow­sers? Of cour­se not.

In this case it’s also due to a rather old tem­pla­te which is still based on WP 1.5. Howe­ver, most modern tem­pla­tes we’­ve tes­ted so far don’t pro­vi­de the same simp­le lay­out cha­rac­te­ris­tics we’­ve appre­cia­ted about the old one.

In the end this who­le inter­net thing is just a beau­ti­ful was­te of time… :-)

Have a nice day, eh?

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