While there are t-shirts available in Nairobi these days, portraying the picture of Kenya’s freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi & a “Mau Mau University” slogan for ppl like me who like to show off with this in the Diaspora…


…there are also shoes available with a portrait of Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna for those who apparently think that Che was the only “hero” out there.


I wouldn’t wear both.

As for the MauMau shirt – I *needed* to buy it, although I instantly had the feeling it would shrink after washing it – what it did, from XXL (!) to L. I am more the polo shirt guy anyways, so wth…

There must be a market out there for those kids who are buying these shoes!

(oh oh, the Kiuk in me suggests I should have bought a dozen of these shoes and sell them on WSF2007 earlier this year…damn… :-)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “Uhuruwear?…..not!”

  1. Now that’s a good question. Me thinks am both, maybe a German Kiuk. Although I am horribly bad at accumulating mbeca, which is btw why I am still longing for a smart wife. Also, I’ve been warned to stay away from Nyeri women…. :-)

    @Irene: you are right, I should pay the US a visit (if they allow me to enter) asap to fully understand the Diaspora world and enjoy some juicy amercian sweets as well as order some Tuskers at Kamau’s!

  2. yes! Nyama @ Kamau’s will in order fo shizzle! Now who is this discouraging you from Nyeri women,that person must want to steer away the competition. Us Nyeri women are to die for, can cook for you, wash you/bathe you, literaly plough the land, bear beautiful children; a few kamau’s and wanjiru’s , take care of finance and like you said your are horrible in accumulating mbeca ,that = no problem , will help you accumulate it ! Wewe mimi thinks that a Kyuk wife is the best thing for you….plus we are very handy too like the Germans :-)))) But we come with manufacturer warning: NO LAZY BUMS IN THE NAME OF A HUSBAND for the turnover ratio can be quite high, but you me think no problem there :-))))))

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