While the­re are t‑shirts avail­ab­le in Nai­ro­bi the­se days, por­tray­ing the pic­tu­re of Ken­ya’s free­dom figh­ter Dedan Kima­thi & a “Mau Mau Uni­ver­si­ty” slo­gan for ppl like me who like to show off with this in the Diaspora…


…the­re are also shoes avail­ab­le with a por­trait of Ernes­to Rafa­el Gue­va­ra de la Ser­na for tho­se who appar­ent­ly think that Che was the only “hero” out there.


I would­n’t wear both.

As for the Mau­Mau shirt — I *nee­ded* to buy it, alt­hough I instant­ly had the fee­ling it would shrink after washing it — what it did, from XXL (!) to L. I am more the polo shirt guy any­ways, so wth…

The­re must be a mar­ket out the­re for tho­se kids who are buy­ing the­se shoes!

(oh oh, the Kiuk in me sug­gests I should have bought a dozen of the­se shoes and sell them on WSF2007 ear­lier this year…damn… :-)

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