While there are t-shirts available in Nairobi these days, portraying the picture of Kenya’s freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi & a “Mau Mau University” slogan for ppl like me who like to show off with this in the Diaspora…


…there are also shoes available with a portrait of Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna for those who apparently think that Che was the only “hero” out there.


I wouldn’t wear both.

As for the MauMau shirt – I *needed* to buy it, although I instantly had the feeling it would shrink after washing it – what it did, from XXL (!) to L. I am more the polo shirt guy anyways, so wth…

There must be a market out there for those kids who are buying these shoes!

(oh oh, the Kiuk in me suggests I should have bought a dozen of these shoes and sell them on WSF2007 earlier this year…damn… :-)

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