6230i @ 99,- EUR

It almost broke my heart today when I saw a relatively modern Nokia 6230i (series40) phone selling for EUR 99,- EUR in a bundle together with a prepaid sim card in Germany.

Buy that phone, take it to Kenya and remove the simlock.

EUR 99,- is how many Kshs.? ~ 9100 Kshs? And afaik those refurbished ones for sale in Nbo sell for at least 12.500 Kshs or even more.

Why can’t they have Nokia phones with Series60 OS on such deals? Damn…

(The Nokia 6230i has become a very popular phone on the european market since it’s release two years ago and currently retails at around EUR 159,-, without branding or any other software restrictions.)

On the other hand, though, since I already dropped my Vodafone contract (= no subsidized phone every 24 month), I shall get my next phone @ Moi Avenue in beloved Nairobi.

Author: jke

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