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“African envoys in Kenya have accused Western nations of using runaway insecurity as an excuse to relocate Unep office from Nairobi.” (source)

Articles like this one make me think that the UNEP is just another institution “donated” to an African country. As if the UNEP “belongs” to the western world. UNITED Nations?

My 2cents advice to Bwana Ban Ki-moon, the newly appointed S-G of the UN:

To improve productivity within the UN and, as a side-effect, thereby getting rid of some corrupted employees, how about the de-installation of all default computer games such as Solitaire, Minesweeper & Co.?

Why? Because there ARE those folks at this huge UN thingy who are just wasting time and our money. And you know it.

Author: jke

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5 thoughts on “@Ban Ki-moon”

  1. as sad as it is….that is the simplest and probably would be the best thing to do!!! and it made me laugh in a very sad waz at the same time…

  2. Yeah the rot in UNITED NATIONS is really bad, any one who wants to read up on it can read Graham Hanckoks(sp) book “lords of poverty” it can give one a picture of how things go so wrong with UN some times.

  3. Oh dear.
    Well, how about making them fill out forms for the useage of Vehicles – how many miles driven for UN-related matters, and how many for private tours. Do you really need a 4WD to get around Nairobi anyway?
    And are the guys at GTZ really any different?
    Miserable thoughts…

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