A good friend of mine who recently travelled to the USA went shopping and passed by a shop called “The Children’s Place“.

children´s place kenya II

children´s place kenya III

Obviously, it’s a shop where they are selling clothes for children.

And then you come across this interesting label:

made in kenya @ children´s place store in philly


Ati? Where has this been made in Kenya? And are these clothes for sale in Kenya as well?

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  1. I have a capri by Gloria Vanderbilt made in Kenya! I wonder how much they pay wages to those workers at Export Processing Zone? and also the working conditions etc.

  2. that’s funny. that looks like the philadelphia store … i actually walked in today, after seeing your post, and searched for the items, and true to your word (picture), i got the garments labelled “made in kenya”. I had a little chuckle to myself, and walked out … i’ll probably buy it for some kid later. take care. :)

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