Kwaheri, nyumbani…

So you really thought I’d leave my beloved home-of-choice without saying good-bye? Naaa….

“127 days”, it said on that form from the Immigration Departement. 127 days of staying, working, living and enjoying beautiful Kenya. And I enjoyed every single day….

And now I am sitting here at JKIA departure lounge, reflecting the last hectic days, and actually trying to figure out what Europe will be alike. I’ll hopefully arrive tonight, and by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have to bury my father and speak to a crowd on behalf of my family. Quite an interesting task, but something I am looking forward to. Everything will work out fine.

You see, the message I am taking with me on this journey into a new future is something I learned and experienced in Kenya. Something I needed to come here for in order to understand a few things that have started to have an impact on my life.

Upon arrival in Embu, I quickly realized that staying in such a rural area, one *might* easily become quite religious. Or as I would call it rerrigiiiaaas.

Now, instead of telling you more details of this journey to myself, let me just show you this picture of a church service (in Kiswahili!) I attended on my last day in Embu.

Reason for showing you this one – and I hope I didn’t offend anyone by taking a picture within church – is that among all these people who opened their heart on a sunday morning to something they have never seen but truly believe in, I felt at home. It made me feel good.

It are these impressions and feelings I am taking home. Something that gives me strength from within (yes, happiness is that easy to obtain! :-)

Thengiu muno, Kenya. Kwaheri(ni)…

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