my beautiful morning…


“And, as you travel life’s highway, don’t forget to stop and eat the roses.”

…so I was walking on smooth Nairobian roads on Monday morning and found a Ksh. 5 /= coin right in front of NSSF building.
Which makes me realize that one of the other differences between rural folks like me and urban folks is that the rural ones keep their head down to have an eye on the hilly & matope infested roads. This is btw also one of the reasons why you’ll never find one of those huge billboards in places like Embu – ppl are just busy with watching their next step. Ama? :-)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “my beautiful morning…”

  1. Lol, that is a hilarious surmise. you can sell it as a market study to some AD agency, lakini they might accuse you of doing a steadman like hoax.

  2. Beautiful picture. LOL at the observation about urban and rural folk and where they look while walking down the street. It is very true!

  3. i disagree. Personally I never take my eyes off the pavement for fear of:

    a) tripping up over the uneven pavement/walkway
    b) stepping on mavi (watch out at Reinsurance plaza)
    c) rocks/boulders lying in wait to scuff up your shoes
    d) stepping in mud/large pools of water (yes even in this great city)
    e) falling into an uncovered manhole
    f) falling into some hole NCC or Telkom have dug up and left open
    g) trampling some street babies (!)
    h) tripping over one of the millions of lepers/beggars/drunks

    Rural folk have it easy if you ask me, navigating Nai is more like an obstacle course!

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