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I haven’t worn my watch for a long time now. And why should I?

Travelling in Kenya (Africa) isn’t fixed to specific times or dates. You just look for transport, wait, wait even longer, eat something, wait, talk to someone, wait, play with your mobile, wait…and then eventually transport arrives – only to realize that it actually goes to another direction.

While growing up in Nairobi, I never rearlly cared about this time factor. Things just happened this way and it was ok. Now I am older and time becomes more precious. It’s like waiting in front of the computer for pages to load from the internet: An annoying waste of time – but there’s nothing you can do about it.

(although, as for travelling, I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of paying 300 bob in advance for a 10pax shuttle bus to Nbo and waiting for more than two hours for the ******* bus to arrive, I should instead just walk by the roadside and take the next matatu coming along. this way, it should just work.)

Author: jke

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  1. it must be very slow… very frustrating at first, and then you get the hang of it? The way in our culture, we have no, or little, sense of time is amazing… .

  2. Thousands of kays from home but I still have my one sportsman carton locked away – for times like these :D. This on is on Mr Mugo. :D

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