I came home at 10.30 pm, listened to the daily dose of wisdom by my dear friend Njuguna from Ruaka and switched on his tv to see Martha K. answer nasty questions on corruption issues. Martha sure is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. I somehow like her though.

Being scared off her P.Muiteesque eyes (same scary eyebooools) and very clear line of reasoning against any allegations, we switched channels and tuned into KBC which presented us with this:

(sorry for the poor sreenshot – I took this occasion to try out my new analog/digital tv pcmcia/pc card and still haven’t found a proper antenna)

One of these typical “dial in” shows where people are supposed to solve very difficult riddles and waste a lot of money on telephone charges. In other words: whoever calls the displayed number will most likely waste his hard earned money.

The other annoying side of it is that the presenters in these shows have no other job but to keep on animating people to pick up the phone and dial that number. Which means that they keep on talking BS and make a fool out of themselves. I wonder how this show is accepted among the public. Do they like it?

You know, in Germany there are about 5 to 7 tv channels at the moment who show such programms starting from around 10 pm every night until morning hours. Some of these presenters even strip naked (breasts) to attract (male) viewers – which of course is very embarrassing in front of those visitors that come from (much) more restriced countries.

(a screenshot from DSF – sports channel on German tv earlier this year)

Yeah…that’s our world in 2006….

Fellow blogger Majonzi asked me about a possible culture shock in rural Embu. I never expected any luxury in Embu and will of course have to adopt to the rural lifestyle (although of course the place I am staying is still very much urban).
WHAT shocks me though is this KBC programme that doesn’t differ in any ways from what they showing to the masses over in Europe. Same stupidity and tacky way of luring dumb viewers in spending their hard earned money on unsuccesful phone calls.


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3 thoughts on “RIONBAI?”

  1. You know, I’ve never been to Europe and I didn’t think what I’d heard about news anchors going topless was true, but I guess it is. Interesting…

  2. I never heard of news anchors going topless – anywhere. Not even on The Playboy Channel. (They have news?)

    These are pathetic get-the-money-quick shows, that have no qualms about trying to get your pesa By Any Means Necessary. That photo above is just too ridiculous.

    Now, if you want to talk about nudity on TV in Europe… On second thought, don’t go there.

  3. Hi, Im from germany and can tell you about these “shows”. As E-Nyce said, it’s nothing more than a cheap “call-in”-show where you’ll lose 49ct (~half Euro) because you’ll get a automatic voice telling you “you didnt had luck, just try again”. And that costs 0,49EUR per call. The riddles here are in most cases not difficult, for example “Tell us 3 vegetables beginning with an A”. This show runs for hours and the “showmaster” always shouts out things like “oooh this cannot be, no one knows this?”, “unbelievable” … and such things. Nothing can be more stupid than these “shows”.

    At nudity: there is no real 100% p*rn on german tv. At night, some stations are running “soft-p*rn”, but which never shows male or female gnitals. Just nudity, but this is… cheap and nothing special. Such things are allowed here, but no “real” p.
    But it’s allowed to show gnitals in normal films or documentations or just for educational or documentary purposes.

    Overall i dont see a problem in this, but it’s a issue how and where you grow up in the world. Some people would call it “satanic, uuuh burn them” :D, some dont care. I also dont care, it’s something natural in -my- opinion.

    Its the same as religious things, i dont believe, but also dont care if someone prays. If it helps him manage his life… let’s tolerate each other and we should be happy. easy said, i know. and not possible. sadly :)


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