4 thoughts on “oops!”

  1. What the hell it that supposed to be? Logged on but my super slow connection did not give me access to any of the directories.

  2. LOL, ROFL. unbelievable, just unbelievable! Well, at least we get a swift overview of available government sites and the structure on their webserver. Cool digg, u found this by chance?

  3. Yeah, I was looking for some data from CBS (Bureau of Standards) and reduced the domain forward from treasurycoke/cbscoke to treasuryCoke :-) and got this. When you look at the (available!!) stats for that site, it shows 351 US-military entries. Now don’t tell me that the USA aren’t controlling any electronical data…i bet they even read their (statehouse) mail via that webmailer.

    I think the CBS should be one of the most important institutions in Kenya. Also since ppl are privately selling data which used to be public domain. Go figure…

  4. now this is serious flaw. kwani where is the admin?
    I guess if they are hit, they will just claim “the computer is down”!


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