Githurai & Co.

traffic jam @ 7 a.m., Thika Road (up to JKU!)

I wonder WHEN smart ppl will construct parking lots in Githurai and offer bus services from there to the City Centre (and likewise at other outskirts around Nbo) to ease up traffic congestion every morning….

Author: jke

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6 thoughts on “Githurai & Co.”

  1. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

    However, an excellent long-term solution would be a metro rail system with a City Center hub and fanning out along Thika Road, Ngong Road, Mombasa Road, and Nairobi-Naivasha close to Limuru.

    Then folks can park out there and ride into town and back without congesting the city and polluting the air.

    It’s very efficient too — like Dart in Dallas or the Metro in DC/Virginia/Maryland.

  2. I lived through this jam daily and this picture has just reminded me of home.

    Actually it is possible to take the passenger train from Githurai paka town. Kenyans just want to be seen in their cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this brings so many memories back…when i was there last year i could not BELIEVE the traffic…and it’s GREAT how a 2 lane road suddenly develops into a 4 lane road – as everyone is really busy to get home as fast as possible. (do i have to mention that the 4 lane version congests just EVERYTHING, so that nothing moves forward anymore?)

  4. thanks guys i was looking any thing about this area i miss it bwana do have more photo of githurai infact that area around station (halt) it year since i left the country but i feel like gone for years

  5. Hell yes! I like the matatu’s plying that route towards Thika. They’ve got music that makes you want to stay in the jam even longer. But a big thumbs up to the chines guys we now will be able to get to town in even lesser time and hopefully even for cheaper………………

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