Com­pa­red to the pre­vious three weeks, it did­n’t rain today and so we went for a mushroom foray in the near­by woods. I had never done this befo­re — des­pi­te of living here in this remo­te, upcoun­try vil­la­ge sin­ce 5 years — and was for­tu­n­a­te enough to be gui­ded by an expe­ri­en­ced per­son who told me what to look for and whe­re tho­se mushroom spots could pos­si­b­ly be.


We found a lot of rub­bish (why are ppl misus­ing the forests as land­fills any­ways?) and mana­ged to collect a bucket full of yel­low bole­tus and bay bole­tus. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, I did­n’t take my came­ra with me — the forest has lots of inte­res­ting sights and small details that need to be cap­tu­red on came­ra one day. For instance, I’ve never seen so many dor beet­les on one spot. Interesting!

Btw, is the­re anything like a gui­ded tour on “sur­vi­ving in the savan­nah” avail­ab­le in Kenya? Some­thing for the city peop­le, the urban com­mu­ters who haven’t yet taken their time to enjoy the beau­ty of natu­re? I don’t think so, ama? Do I smell a good busi­ness idea here? Hmm… :-)


Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the down­si­de of moving around in the woods are various insects that find their way through your long-slee­ved shirt and pull­over and end up craw­ling your back even long time after you’­ve suc­ces­ful­ly retur­ned home. Arach­no­i­des such as ticks — the­se litt­le vam­pi­res that want to suck your blood — and the­re are sto­ries of men that found such insects in pla­ces whe­re you real­ly would­n’t want them to be…Since I am very tick­lish, I mana­ged to find some of them on my body right befo­re they start their evil job…

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