Compared to the previous three weeks, it didn’t rain today and so we went for a mushroom foray in the nearby woods. I had never done this before – despite of living here in this remote, upcountry village since 5 years – and was fortunate enough to be guided by an experienced person who told me what to look for and where those mushroom spots could possibly be.


We found a lot of rubbish (why are ppl misusing the forests as landfills anyways?) and managed to collect a bucket full of yellow boletus and bay boletus. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me – the forest has lots of interesting sights and small details that need to be captured on camera one day. For instance, I’ve never seen so many dor beetles on one spot. Interesting!

Btw, is there anything like a guided tour on “surviving in the savannah” available in Kenya? Something for the city people, the urban commuters who haven’t yet taken their time to enjoy the beauty of nature? I don’t think so, ama? Do I smell a good business idea here? Hmm… :-)


Unfortunately, the downside of moving around in the woods are various insects that find their way through your long-sleeved shirt and pullover and end up crawling your back even long time after you’ve succesfully returned home. Arachnoides such as ticks – these little vampires that want to suck your blood – and there are stories of men that found such insects in places where you really wouldn’t want them to be…Since I am very ticklish, I managed to find some of them on my body right before they start their evil job…

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2 thoughts on “Boletus”

  1. Sounds like a great mushroom dish, hope to see snaps of the prepared meal. And that new friend of yours reminds me of tent camp times. My gosh that’s ages ago!

  2. i also hope so, yhat you enjoy this meal of mushrooms. You will seen after that meal. were within these mushrooms someone eatable, or likely deathly ?

    I havent think, that you never went in these beautiful wooden places around our study Court.

    My english is so bad, unbelievable

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