My brothers-in-passion Mzeecedric and Hash – owners of, and – might like this shirt I just made for fun:

It might also be perfect for various stressed touaaarrrists being confronted with “Mzunguuu! weka shillingi mia moja…” requests by uninformed kids or – even worse – uneducated wananchi who still (!) have this simple “mzungu=pesa” equation in their heads.

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

6 thoughts on “Mzunguwear™”

  1. LOL Interesting print, but that not equals sign may not hit home, some might think is a currency sign and now you will be in trouble Mr.!!! But catchy though. Kool. I need one that says “Nimerudi kutoka Ulaya = sina pesa!!

  2. Irene, ROFL…TRUE!!

    Maybe I should change that and put a thin goat and a picture of an empty house and a couple without kids on the shirt to make the message more kenyanesque / visibooool :-)

    Mzee, you know how hard it was too cut out all these small letters and iron them more or less in a straight line on the shirt? I am willing to trade in the shirt for your new DELL, though…seriaaasly, I wanted to try out this special transfer foil for dark shirts which is different from the normal iron-on transfer bubudiu for light coloured shirts…

  3. I shudder to think what got you to the point where you needed to make this T-shirt. You think the uninformed kids and the uneducated wananchis are your biggest problem. My observations were mainly the Kenyan Indian businessmen suddenly double pricing merchandise. Especially those stores on Kimathi street right next to the Hilton…

    I’m with Irena on the need for that T-shirt as well. Or maybe one showing maps of all of Europe and USA, inset trees with money growing on them, and the regular big “X” across the same trees. Universal language, hey?

  4. Mimmz, the need for making this arose from the desire to use the iron-on transfer foil.
    I feel you on those biasharafolks who think “Arturysan bling bling” whenever a mzungu enters the shop and the message especially extends to those. I included them in my wananchi-grouping, though…

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