…so the ********** Deutsche Bahn had some usual problems providing reliabooool (read: punctual) service and I ended up spending 2hrs in the City of Hannover – one of the 12 cities in Germany that host the 2006 World Cup event.

I even managed to follow the last 10 minutes of France vs Portugal (*yawn*), but my attention was caught by this nice marketing gag within the city centre: stickers, neatly placed some 11m away from each trash can on the pavement and the equivalent stickers saying “Tooooor!” (goaaaaaal!), Volltreffer! (direct hit) or “Einwurf” (throw-in) on the cans. Beautiful idea!




Yes I know, Germany dropped out of the cup but it still makes me happy to see it being such a great host to the World Cup and actually coming up with such cool marketing gimmicks. Makes me sink of another “adopt-a-trash-can-business-idea-for-Kenya” bubudiu…

Author: jke

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