Bembeya, Rochereau et al

Ebay trouvaille – you won’t regret buying any of these plates!
Ive just come across this seller on Ebay Germany who apparently sells a lot of nice, old plates/records from the 1970s & Co musical Africa. So what’s so special about them?

1. collectors items!
2. try to get those ones in Nairobi or even Kinshasa today – impossiboooool!
3. some auctions include a preview link with an mp3 file (!)
There is this one Bembeya Jazz National record with current bids already as high as US-$ 102,50 and still 18hrs to go…
(@samsoum71: could u pls share your other mp3s of “analogue Africa” with the rest of the world? – the blogosphere will be delighted to enjoy these trouvailles from your collector’s shelves… THX!)

Author: jke

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3 thoughts on “Bembeya, Rochereau et al”

  1. I bet this is a worth collection to have. Kiku? are you binding or do I already know the answer to this , knowing your love for music?

  2. No, i couldn’t bid on this, just too much money + I am not that much into records. But this guy seems to have an awesome collection of fine, really nice and old records from our beloved continent AND he put sampooools of the tunes as mp3 onto his server.

    Checked some of his old auctions but it seems that he removed them right after the auction, which is a pitty, but well….

  3. I don’t understand these fantasy prices.
    Who buys this? Collectors. – Do they listen to it, do they know what they buy?

    From Bebeya Jazz is a lot of stuff reissued. I love this pre 85 stuff from Guinée. I’ve seen them after their reunion last years.

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