How to confuse Gamaans…

True worrrshippaas of Kikuyumoja’s Realm might remember this entry, where I highlighted that Kenya and Germany do in fact share similar national flags.
Upon opening my snail mail box this morning, I found the following “How-to-confuse-Gamaans” instruction – carefully prepared by my dearest fan Mbuzimoja:


Kiptoo – this sure is something for, sindiyo?

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9 thoughts on “How to confuse Gamaans…”

  1. as “THE SPIEGEL” (,1518,421404,00.html)
    reported in several articools the “purpose of a vehicle” in gamaan these days is: to show identity. the choices are as follows:

    -> support the german team and fix the german flag
    -> support a different team and fix the equivalent flag
    -> support “i-don´t-care-who-wins-team” and fix no flag at all
    -> have no interest in the worldcup and fix a bayern-münchen flag
    -> or break the rules and “confuse” (= my car; any others out there?)

    …this is almost like talking politics… ;-)

  2. really funny, this truly comes from my dear friend Lies.
    Football everywhere! Even on Massai Market everyone askes, which team you´re supporting. “o, you are gamaan?? we love the gamaans! they play so werrr!”

  3. If I was selling some Masaai bracelet and I spot a POtential customer, I would scream “I love gamaans, they play very werrr!!:-)

  4. If I was selling some Maaaaasai bracelet and I spot a potential customer, I would scream one of the following:

    1. Gimme shillingi!
    2. Mzungu, WEKA pesa!
    3. Ati, any way to assist/promote me?
    4. Look at my new shop! How do you like it?
    5. Yessss my friend, how IS u today?
    6. Come here look look, looking is free, today I have these very fine bubudiu made by me and my braaasssa. etc…

  5. wee kikuyuone that looks very fine. Could make an animated *.gif and get it flashing!

    Keep up the nice ideas. Would like to get to know you personally.. you coming to cologne on 24th june?.


  6. Dear Editor,

    may I humbly point out that the above flag you have constructed shows the national colours of Malawi.


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