wapi? (part5)

Ok, this should be rather simpooool…but let me tell you: the moment I saw this scenery, I thought: “Ati, doesn’t this look like Vietnam?”
(Mzeecedric, Vietnam expaaaaat, can you agrrrree?)

@Shiroh: Yes, it is somewhere in Kenya! :-)

Author: jke

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7 thoughts on “wapi? (part5)”

  1. That looks like some Rice irrigation farms in Mwea Tebere , Embu or some place along Ngong Road! This one , not too sure!

  2. before I even read a word I thought you were kidding or stole one of my pictures from my (very old) page (mzeecedric.de) – but the only similar Vietnam picture is this one:
    Yes but I have come past that place many yrs ago with my piki, I’m quite sure, but I can’t remember where!?!?
    But I remeber that the road (from where you must have taken that picture) was really smoth tarmac, at least that time (~15yrs ago).

  3. Irene, Prousette & Ntwiga: PERFECT!

    Mzeecedric: they just retarmacccced the rrroad – smooth like a polished horseback…lest we forget the many many police controls on the road which are a pain for those travelling between Githurai & Murangaa…

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